CDN Services for Business


Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network is large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the internet. Few years ago web objects are hosted in a single location forcing visitors who reside at great distances to wait for packets to load while they move across the internet because of greater distance equals slower communication and higher chances of losing data. It is an interconnected system of computers on the internet that provides web content rapidly by duplicating it on multiple servers and directing the content to users based on proximity. The aim of a CDN is to serve content to end user with high availability and high performance and CDN serves a large fraction of internet content today including web object, applications, live steaming media, downloadable object, on-demand streaming media and social network.

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Learn more about broadband and its benefits!


Internet interface is very important for several types of works. There are different types of internet connections available in the world. But when you are using an internet connection for data exchange or for downloading big amount of data, you need to have a faster and secure connection. 2G connection is older these days. 3G is the popular mode of internet available in market but 4G is acquiring market in quick time! Read More