Learn more about broadband and its benefits!


Internet interface is very important for several types of works. There are different types of internet connections available in the world. But when you are using an internet connection for data exchange or for downloading big amount of data, you need to have a faster and secure connection. 2G connection is older these days. 3G is the popular mode of internet available in market but 4G is acquiring market in quick time!

Advantages of Wireless broadband:

  • This service is available for mobile phones as well. As this facility can be used through the smart phones, people in greater number has started using this particular service for their convenience. This facility can be used at anywhere else! But you have to stay within the reach of the broadband to get the best signal strength.
  • Suppose you put the router at any part of your house, you can still use same internet with equal strength once you are within the reach of the router. Mobile broadband cuts down your budget for internet connection to some extent. For fixed line broad band connections, you need to pay a huge amount of money and on the other hand, you have to have a costly telephone connection for this type of internet connection. So your budget for internet connection will become less.
  • In case of fixed telephone internet service your speed was limited and sometimes you had to share the price of internet though you have not used the service that month! But in case of mobile broadband facility, you can use your user name and password to access to the account.

Disadvantages of Wireless broadband:

  • You must not put your router on the top of your computer! Suppose you have a computer table and you put the router on the top of the desktop! This may interrupt the normal signal strength of your internet connection.
  • You need to secure your account with appropriate password. Once you do not put any password, you may face a lot of problems. Hackers can hack your account at any point of time! If you have strong password, then no will be able to hack your account.
  • When you can see weak and fragile signal that doesn’t mean the service provider fails to offer you the best offering! Check your wire and the signal may get hacked by someone else! So you need to secure your system a bit!
  • Downloading through mobile broadband is not that easy! When you are going to download lots of data, you should use a PC. In some areas, where the signal strength is low, it is tough to maintain the download speed. If you are using wireless internet in your mobile, you will get good strength and can do whatever you want to do with it!

Unlimited download facility is not offered by all types of service providers! You need to maintain the download status to enjoy the service for the rest of the month!


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