CDN Services for Business


Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network is large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the internet. Few years ago web objects are hosted in a single location forcing visitors who reside at great distances to wait for packets to load while they move across the internet because of greater distance equals slower communication and higher chances of losing data. It is an interconnected system of computers on the internet that provides web content rapidly by duplicating it on multiple servers and directing the content to users based on proximity. The aim of a CDN is to serve content to end user with high availability and high performance and CDN serves a large fraction of internet content today including web object, applications, live steaming media, downloadable object, on-demand streaming media and social network.

There are three types of Content Distribution for Videos

CDN services are most often used when dealing with three types of content distribution:

Streaming – The media file is not stored on the user’s computer or system with the exception of small buffer that compensates for the uneven IP-packets. CDN allows users to quickly and seamlessly begin viewing/listening from different points of the file if the video broadcast in not in real time and CDN must provide uninterrupted delivery of packages to adjust to the speed of the channel to the client.

Downloading – Downloading large files such as software distribution and CDN in this case is used to secure access to the service and to promote a fast download from http or https. The ability to resume if the connection is lost or download huge chunk of files.

Progressive Downloading – It happens when a file is not only swinging on the user’s computer but starts playing almost immediately after a little buffering. This format is widely used for feeds and the user does not have to wait for the file to load to start watching for example, companies post the video on their sites or large text that a site visitor can immediately begin viewing.

Companies need to consider CDN services in order to provide the customer with quick access to video content, online stores and fast website response. Most of the CDN services have international servers which will help your company reach out to international audience successfully and effectively. CDN or Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network is a sophisticated way in which you can manage the web traffic and direct it to your website and it will help spread your content evenly on different computers.


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