Understanding The Leased Line Services

Leased Line services basically comprises of service contract between the customer and the service provider in which the provider is willing to offer telecommunication lines that are symmetrical and in exchange of a certain amount of rent two locations can be connected effectively. With time, more and more enterprises and organizations are taking help of the leased lines in order to remain connected to their significant nodal centers such as regional hubs, call centers, back up site and primary data center. Leased Line services are the most basic and primitive connectivity services and offers not only the traditional version of the leased line services but also provides advanced flavors that are quite essential for the enterprises to run various business applications.

What are these Advanced Flavors along with the Traditional Services you might ask! Well, to begin with

  1. The leased line variant has high availability and is built on HDX which is known to be a new multi-path restoration technology. This particular variant is apt for critical business applications.
  1. The variant which has virtual fiber as well as dedicated lambda which is known to be ideal for DR implementation that also requires mirroring synchronous capabilities.
  1. The Ethernet Leased Line which is up-gradable and is appropriate for inter-node connectivity which also requires bandwidth scaling on a regular basis.


Applications that require leased line services:

  • Showcasing the services, products along with the company profile in a multimedia format.
  • Linking the web server to the Internet as a result of which, you can enjoy flexibility that would further help you to tailor applications as per the requirements of your business.
  • Sending and receiving e-mails via internet along with setting up electronic bulletin boards and new groups or simply using it for browsing the web any time.
  • Hosting the corporate website so that the business partners as well as the customers across the globe can reach a company 24 X 7 which in turn would also make your business accessible round the clock.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Availability of 24 hour Internet Connectivity
  • A leased line is essential and if you or your company has its own corporate website or a web or mail server on the internet. A link that would be up round the clock and continuously will help your business to attain greater connectivity which in turn will help the consumers along with other business associates to stay in touch.
  • An option for ISDN Dial -Back Up which would be given to all the customers. It’s essential for the customers who uses internet for running their critical business applications.
  • Another advantage of Leased Line services is their flexibility as you will have the freedom and choice to decide how exactly do you want to run your application on the basis of needs and requirements of your business. You will also have complete control on the way you wish to configure your internal or in-house internet infrastructure.

Leased lines are used for a wide variety of purposes like connecting to internet, carrying phone calls, enabling staff to connect from home to their office computers along with linking computers and various servers in different offices and corporate companies. So, basically we can safely assume that since the advent of leased line services, business functions have started running more smoothly.