GPS Fleet Tracking


The world has been reshaping for a long. Not technically but practically, the humans are changing their lifestyle and hence the nature as well. So all in all, the world is changing dynamically. For a person to notice this, needs to just go back in the past 5-10 years and see the evolution in everything. There isn’t anything untouched. There is cutting down on nature and growth in urbanization. Hardly any bungalows, we are surrounded by flats and skyscrapers.

The technology has played its role. We now don’t rely on the manual labour, but talk to the machinery. The best evidence of this the telephone. We have been using the same for a long time and it has evolved from telephones, to cell phones and tabs. Further, it has changed from simple calling to the whole internet, the GPS and using that we have the gps fleet tracking. It allows you to get real time vehicle tracking and its route. Have we ever thought, how much energy and thought has gone in the same? Let’s find out the whole evolution of the telephone world.

Fleet management.png

First we had the trunk calling and standing in long queues, for the same. Then PCOS came into being and home landline slowly made its move. Further, the telephonic landline became very popular and also was found in all homes. Then we had the handset mobiles, they basically moved into us to the cell phones arena. Later the size started to get small and functions increased. People were introduced to the technology of SMS, instant messaging. We have a whole generation addicted to the same and we can’t do anything about the same.

Later came in the introduction of internet in the cell phones. Hence, we were exposed to Facebook, social media, WhatsApp and the whole world on the small tab. Further, we have been exploring with same and currently we are involved a lot with GPS that is Global Positioning System. The service providers have been clever enough to use this technology and exploit it to the fullest. We know have the fleet management solution. Basically, it uses GPS technology and provides to the user real time route tracking of a vehicle, a person or any other item. Further, it helps monitor the routes, fuel consumption, driver’s performance and other ride related issues.

The technology, is never ending and also growing at a fast pace. People will keep exploring and service providers would keep innovating. We have come a long way in  the telecommunication market and still don’t know where we will end up.


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