GPS Fleet Tracking

Story Of The Web

If you could go back in time and see the changes, which era would you choose? Simply to the world of Mughals or the French Revolution? Well, I would want to stay and see the evolution of the technology. It will let me enjoy everything and take long break, because the same took decades to come around. Further, the best advancement has been made in the field of the internet. Yes, the internet has been the biggest and most interesting phase of the development period. Not that the period has ended, but it was the turnaround phase and the leading change in all industries, especially telecommunications.

The journey from the old days APRANET to the modern times real-time fleet tracking is amazing to see and breathe! Let’s go step by step on the same.

The internet came into being in 1950s, with the development of electronic computers. The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (APRANET) was the earliest packet switching network in the world. Packet Switching is a communication method on the digital end, which grouped all the transmitted data into sizable packages, commonly called as the packets. These are transmitted via a medium that may be shared by multiple communications. The APRANET was the technological base of the internet. Since, then there has been no stopping of it.

Other Packet Switching networks were further developed in the late 1960s. The Telenet was one of those and was the first one to be made available to the general public. Further, the Internet Protocol Suite came to be known as the standard network protocol, somewhere around 1982. The incoming of supercomputers expanded the scope of the internet. In the same time the World Wide Web came into being and since then there has been the www!

The internet took its time and other technologies started to bring themselves into, there is applications, play stores, social media and gps fleet tracking! While the gps is independent of the internet its applications do require the Wi-Fi. The signaling can be attracted, but tracking requires the web. Hence, it has been around for long and is here to stay.

The usage of the internet also has its own story. Earlier, it was simply restricted to commercial usage. However, the lines for the same weren’t defined. Obviously, the police and investigators were given the access to the same, but how much access the public would have wasn’t decided. Hence, the parents and schools were worried about its growth. The introduction of www, further expanded the use of the internet. It was a platform where documents and other resources were identified via the URIs and hyperlinks and information could easily be accessed. The trend tends to continue till date. The browsers increased in number, like Explorer, Google, Yahoo, and Firefox and till date there are plenty of them. The change progressed an internet cam on the mobile. The applications increased, and from just the browsers a lot of social media platforms emerged.

The same evolved into applications and to some extent, the browsers took a back seat. We have an app for everything. Using the same, we can even track people, vehicles and goods! Know the location and time information of everything and anything! Internet has been great over this period and we hope it keeps making our lives easier!


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