Thinks to be consider while doing Audio Conference Call

First here is simple description of what an audio conference call is before discussing what to do and what not to do during audio multi lines call. Audio conferencing refers to any situation in which multiple parties or members are permitted to listen into or participate in the audio portion of a phone call. These can be designed in two ways, either the person organizing the call phones to other participants and adds them into the call or the participants call into the conference themselves. These calls are usually used for training, executive meeting or seminars but there is not all conference call is conducted perfectly and some are being cut off, line is not clear and there are unpleasant sounds in the background.

Here are some things on what to do and not what to do during audio conference calls:

Ignore noisy place while call

It is best to stay in the most quite place in the house if you are conducting the audio conference call from home and your pets and children are playing.  This way the participants will not have a hard time listening to you speaking. You can use the mute function of the phone when you are not talking if for some reason you cannot find a quiet place.

Do not call using mobile phone

To conduct an audio conferencing using a mobile phone is a bad idea. Still use the mute function if you are not speaking this will lessen the distraction on the side of the participants but if this is only what you have and do not call when you are driving.

Be on time for the scheduled call

Being on time is important like normal meetings and it is not nice when others wait you catch up on the lost time especially when you are the one who will conduct the audio conference call and every one’s time is important.

Avoid putting the call on hold

If you are putting the call on hold participants will distracts and the concentration of the participants will be disrupted and it is hard to catch up when you are not focused. It is better to hang up and call again if you are ready if in case you need to leave and you are not sure at what time you can join the audio conference call.

Avoid using cordless phones

Cordless phones are liable to static noise and this happens when you get out of range or there is a device that interferes with the phone. Cordless phone is not the best device to conduct an audio conferencing.