Internet : The Other Name Of Socialising

What’s that thing you can’t do without? What has surpassed oxygen? It’s the WIFI! We simply want a fast net, which keeps up with our toes. Every day we wait for free net to be announced in India. A day without data, seems like a horror movie, just waiting to get over with it. Plus, the data packs are sky high for the mobile. The router plans for home are still bearable. So, can’t we get a Wi-Fi on the go at cheaper rates?

Enters PHOTON. Photon are internet dongle, with a speedy Wi-Fi and amazing features. Let’s list the same.

Speed: Unbeatably fast with the server. The connectivity is better than the internet packs and even routers. It is bustling with internet and you don’t even need to wait for server to connect. Get it in seconds!

Portability: You can carry it anywhere, across the globe and it would work! Yes, wherever the network is available the photon would do its job. Hence, wherever you go WI-FI goes with you.

Range: Better than a router and connectivity to numerous devices at once! The range of this small internet is mind blowing. Plus the portability factor adds to it.

Carry Forward: This account follows the rules, gives you the liberty to carry forward your unused data for the next month.

Battery: It works for long hours and once you charge it, can go on for days. So, no hassle of plugging it again.

Cost: The charges vary with GB plans and data. Although the plans aren’t expensive, it is worth the money, so go- get from all the angles.

So many features in one and still want to stick to the router? Not a good idea. If you could switch to this, nothing is better than it. I use the same and I have said bye to the router. Further, I am content with my plan and its charges too, it’s simply amazing. Photon plus for the au courant, who needs updates every second.

A user, shall be content with the delivery of this product. Photon Plus provides add on services, depending upon the provider. You can easily avail this service. Simply call them and rest will be taken care off.
It’s a go getter service, and this fast moving pace, net is something we can’t do without. For us to work, WI-FI had become a must. In every field, be it fashion, business or education, we simply can’t do without.